Tank Inspection

Water finding paste


12 x 70-gram tubes per carton


Water Finder is applied onto the bottom end of a dip stick or tape before dipping.


Any water in the tank dipped will be indicated by a definite change of colour from green to pink. Dipping time is approximately 10 seconds.


Extend dipping times to 30 seconds to detect excessive alcohol drop out in water. Where alcohol drop out is more than 50%, a dipping time of 60 seconds should be allowed. The depth of the alcohol water mixture, dependant on the mix, will be indicated in either of the following ways:

  1. A change of colour from green to pink
  2. A complete wash off of the water finder paste from the dip stick or tape.


Sludge levels may be determined by dipping for a period of 30 seconds and then rinsing the dip tape in a solvent such as petrol. The sludge level will be indicated by a change in colour from green to pink.


The control of water in petrol, paraffin and diesel is of the utmost importance to ensure correct stock control, stock security, product quality and customer satisfaction. Water in contact with diesel also promotes the growth of “bugs”, which can result in filter blockages in diesel engines.

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